what we offer


artist & repertoire management

we have an eye for talent. and we know how to support our talents. together with our artists, we foster their strengths and find their unique place in the music scene. we take care of the administrative part of the music business and let our artists focus on making music.

career development

we help our artists to achieve their visions and support them on their path to success. well-connected in the national and international music scene, we determine the right positioning for artists in the music business.

negotiations & deal making

being aware of the obstacles that come with self-promotion, we negotiate on behalf of our artists and ensure the best possible deals.


we open up new markets and new possibilities for our artists. we connect them with concert promoters, promoters, sponsors and other important players and grant them access to unique appearances and productions.

media relations

we support our artists to help them gain more attention and a broader audience. we are experienced in print and social media, we create a bespoke public relations strategy for each of our artists.


we help our artists to get the funding they need to realise their artistic projects and visions.


upon request, we provide a comprehensive support service to our artists. from legal, tax and insurance advice to financial consulting, we find the best solutions for our artists.